The largest markets in the Maghreb 

In the Maghreb region, merchants group together according to the products they sell in the streets. These gatherings of people and objects are known as souks or markets. So what are the biggest markets in the Maghreb? Find out more about them in the following lines of this article.

The Souk El Had of Agadir

The Souk El Had of Agadir is an open-air market found in Morocco. It specializes in the sale of spices, copper and even handicrafts and works of art. More details through the following link:     .

It also sells various pieces of furniture made from quality raw materials. It is a souk rich in color that allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture of the area and the consumption habits of the indigenous people. Every year, this market welcomes thousands of tourists and visitors from elsewhere to discover a friendly and lively atmosphere.

The souk Bir El Kasaâ

Located in Tunisia south of the city of Tunis, this market is a space where we sell products in bulk. These products are among others, market garden products such as vegetables, but also fish and fruit. It is supplied by producers and farmers from different areas of the country.

The souk Bab-el oued

In Algeria, the Bab-el oued is one of the most popular markets. Well known to all, it is frequented by housewives as well as by street vendors who do not hesitate to skillfully call out to customers to lure them. Walking there to buy supplies is a real pleasure.

It is a place where a very lively atmosphere reigns. You can find a variety of products accessible to all budgets. This market also houses stores where fishmongers, creameries, and butchers freely and cheerfully exercise their trades.

We also distinguish all around the market, stalls installed in an anarchic way in streets and exposing more products.